Along with reading, Wiltshire bookworms have shown that they are also keen recyclers.

Figures released by Hills Waste Solutions show that close to 50 tonnes of hard and soft covered reading books have been recycled over the past 12 months.  That is enough books to fill an average sized classroom.

Over the past year book collection containers have been installed at all 11 of the council’s household recycling centres and demand for the service has been high.

“The book recycling service has proved so popular, that some of the sites have more than one container to keep up with the volumes we are receiving,” said Cliff Carter, recycling manager for Hills. 

“Wiltshire residents have shown once again that they are keen to recycle as much as possible and reduce waste to landfill.”

The good quality of the books collected means that only a small percentage are sent for reprocessing.

“The majority of the books we receive are perfect for reuse,” says Ruth Derham of Recycled Reading, the company responsible for collecting the containers which she runs with her husband, Ian.

“Our partnership with traders across the UK means that many of the books we collect from the recycling centres go back into general circulation to be sold online and in a variety of retail outlets”, said Mr Derham.

“In addition, some of the books are sent abroad or to schools and nurseries within the UK.”

While this has been an impressive start, the volume of books Wiltshire recyclers are able to save is set to rise over the coming year, particularly in the south of the county where the containers have only recently been installed. 

“We have been amazed by the response to our venture and are frequently approached by members of the public while we are on site to be told how pleased they are to have this service”, said Mr Derham.

“We continue to be grateful for their support.”

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