The future of a medieval silver chalice, insured for £2.2 million, is being discussed at a Consistory Court hearing currently being held at St Cyriac’s Church, in Lacock.


Around 60 people, attended the start of the hearing this morning (Monday) that will decide whether the Lacock Cup, which dates back to the 1400s, can be sold to the British Museum for £1.3m, where it has been on loan since 1963.

Lacock Parochial Church Council have proposed the sale of the artefact with a trust being set-up to support repair works on church buildings in the parish.


John Catchpole, a former churchwarden has petitioned for the sale while Geoffrey Fox, 82, who has lived in the village for 40 years, has led the opposition against it.

“The income would help pay for any repair works for years to come,” said witness, Nigel Lane, Lacock PCC treasurer. “Given a sound investment policy and good management this sale could help to support our work.”


The cup’s origins are uncertain, but it is believed to have been donated to St Cyriac’s Church by Sir Robert Baynard, of Lackham Manor, 400 years ago.

The case continues.