Malmesbury resident Tracey Tucker has thanked emergency services for rescuing her from her home after flood waters rushed in early this morning.

Ms Tucker, 39, was trapped in her home at the almshouses in St John's Street and called out to firefighters in the street outside.

She said: "I couldn't get the door open because of the pressure of the water. I suffer with asthma and I could feel an attack coming on.

"I went up to the first floor and shouted down to the firemen, explaining that I couldn't get out."

Fire officers managed to open the door wide enough for Ms Tucker to squeeze out and they led her to safety through the flood that has turned the path to her house into a raging torrent.

She said: "They were brilliant. There was an ambulance there and they took me to the Rose & Crown where they gave me a nebuliser. It was all a bit terrifying."

Ms Tucker soon recovered from her attack and when the waters receded enough, she was able to go back and see the damage that had been wrought.

She said: "It all started at about 2.30am when someone knocked at my door and told me I should move my car as the water from the river was rising very fast.

"Then, at 5.30am, I was up to my knees in flood water. The ground floor was three feet deep.

"Everyone has been brilliant. My landlord has arranged for me to stay at the Kings Arms while the house is sorted out."

Ms Tucker's partner, Stuart Causer, said: "It has been a real community effort. The Rose and Crown were serving teas and coffees and giving people a place to sit and get warm."

Paul Kershaw, who lives in Lower High Street, is another resident who will be counting the cost of heavy rains for months to come.

He said: "I've lived here seven years and this has never happened before, at least not where we are. I've seen the river high but nothing like this.

"We have had some damage but it could have been worse. Our kids loved it. They thought it was a huge adventure."