The people of Malmesbury are still coming to terms with the flooding that hit the town in the early hors of this morning.

Even though the waters are receding the town is still facing a lengthy clean-up operation.

Seargeant Martin Alvis said: "The good thing is as quick as the water's gone up it's gone down. The roads are now looking very good apart from the unclassified roads which have localised flooding points.

"Looking across the fields people are walking with kids and dogs to look at the flooding but you should stay away from floods and rivers as they can be very fast flowing.

"Look at the Malmesbury Police Facebook page for relevant information.

"My advice is this is the time to stay inside - don't go driving around unless you have to, and if you do be careful and drive slowly."

Neil Muttock, who lives in The Maltings, said: "I live right next to the river, but even though it's burst there's been no water through the door - most people affected are down by the town bridge, it's a nightmare for them.

"We're just fingers crossed it doesn't get much higher, I don't think Malmesbury can handle it much worse than it is.

"I've just been for a walk around the park and seen seagulls swimming around. There's definitely an air of concern."

Town councillor Simon Killane has called on the town council to put plans into place for when it is hit again.

He said: "There are all different kinds of flooding. The town council needs urgently to put in a Flood Risk Management Plan. I was speaking to a lady today who said at 11pm last night she got a message from the Environment Agency so moved her car and put things upstairs - it saved her furniture.

"The town council needs to start a plan so everyone gets a warning - especially older people.

"These things are going to happen, and new residents need to be told to put sockets high and to not nail their carpets down and keep things like photographs upstairs.

"It's these little things - like there's no reason cars should be destroyed. If people got phone calls they could park their cars in higher parts of the town.

"The town council has to start thinking about a process to get this plan. Everyone needs to call the Environment Agency and get registered.

"For the supermarkets that want to develop there needs to be no question on whether it might cause damage or make more of a flood risk."