The future of the Calne Motorcycle Meet, which attracts thousands of people to the town each year, is in doubt because of a lack of volunteers to run it.

In January it was announced that the Calne Lions would join forces with the Calne Rotary Club to organise this year’s event.

They were exploring the option of hosting it at Lord Lansdowne’s Bowood Estate rather than the town centre, but after facing criticism for this, they have decided they cannot go ahead with the event.

Town councillor Howard Marshall said today: “I have been involved in a leading role with this event for the last eight years. I have seen it grow year on year to the point that it has now outgrown the centre of the town.

"There is no doubt that the format of the meet must change if it is to survive. It now needs new blood with fresh ideas to carry it forward.

“The workload involved in organising this event is huge and it is impossible without a committed comittee of at least five people working from January to July every year.

“The event was started in 2000 by Calne people for the benefit of Calne. It has certainly achieved its aim of putting Calne on the map.

"Now it suffers from a lack of sponsorship, it costs in the region of £5,000 to organise this event and at least 50 marshals are required on the day, all of which are in short supply.

“The health and safety requirements have become more and more of a problem as the years have passed, so much so that it feels like being in the ring with Frank Bruno with one hand tied behind your back.

“All of the above are difficulties that can be overcome with the right team, so if you can help in any way please contact me by e-mail at”