Corsham Town Council is appealing for residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol.

The town council would like to be contacted as part of a programme monitoring nuisance drinking in Corsham, following incidents in Springfield Recreation Ground and Meriton Avenue Recreation Ground, over the summer.

Currently, police have no power to confiscate alcohol from those over the age of 18, but since the issue was raised during September’s town council meeting Dave Martin, has been investigating the idea of introducing a Designated Public Places Order which would ban drinking on the street.

To support the move the town council and police need to produce six month’s worth of reports including any anti-social behaviour in the town relating to alcohol.

Mr Martin said: “We are putting forms together for people to record incidents as evidence. We will look at these every month to see if a pattern is developing.”

The town council noted that there has been a reduction in littering and broken bottles being found since declaring a crackdown on nuisance drinking in September.

Town councillor Elaine Marston said: “Since a report ran in the Gazette & Herald, I have spoken to someone who regularly uses Meriton and they said they haven’t seen anything in the last two months, so maybe these youngsters have grown-up.”

For more information, call (01249) 702130 or email