Warminster Library has celebrated its 30th anniversary with a talk on pub signs, displays on the history of the building and a birthday cake.

The library moved into its current home, behind the Three Horseshoes Mall, on November 8, 1982, after leaving its old base in Portway.

Michael Marshman, of the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, who worked at the library when it opened, delivered a talk on pub signs in the town and in Wiltshire last Thursday.

There were photographs and artefacts of events from the library’s history and a Books we were reading in 1982 selection.

Supervisor Nicola Harris, who has also worked at the library since 1982, said: “A lot of things have changed. We didn’t even have videos and now those have been and gone, as have cassettes.

“We would never have imagined having computers back then, let alone wifi.

“We have had to make room for all this stuff, but the library is as popular as ever, there when people need us.”