Townspeople are being encouraged to give their views on a transport strategy for Devizes.

Devizes Community Area Partnership (DCAP) says congestion in the town is a blight and has organised an exhibition on Monday for the public to have their say on the proposed strategy.

The increasing congestion on key routes into Devizes has led to seven areas of the town exceeding European Union limits on air pollution.

The strategy document has been produced by consultants Mott MacDonald for Wiltshire Council.

Among the proposed improvements are banning traffic from Maryport Street and installing traffic lights at the Windsor Drive/London Road junction and at Shanes Castle at the junction of Bath Road and Dunkirk Hill.

The exhibition is at the town hall from 3pm until 8pm. Representatives from Mott MacDonald and Wiltshire Council will be there to explain the proposed strategy and to discuss any points people wish to raise.

Tony Sedgwick, chairman of DCAP, said: “This is an important occasion. We pushed hard for this opportunity for a public viewing and have a firm promise that the views expressed then will be taken into account as the strategy, and the plans that should then ensue, become a reality.”

Recent surveys have indicated at least 70 per cent of traffic is local people going about their daily business, such as shopping and taking their children to school.

Mr Sedgwick said taking a small percentage of the cars out of Devizes on a daily basis would result in significantly less congestion and a reduction in air pollution.

He said: “We are not looking to reduce the volume of traffic by a large amount, just between five and ten per cent will make all the difference. I am sure Devizes residents can take responsibility to make this little change.

“Just walking, cycling or taking the bus into town once a week instead of using the car is probably all it takes to make it much better for everybody.”