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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Poole Pirates 56 Swindon Robins 35

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Photograph of the Author

Andy Warren, Deputy sports editor, awarren@swindonadvertiser.co.uk, @AndyWarren_

    Poole Pirates 56 Swindon Robins 35
  • PIRATES: Darcy Ward (R-3-3-1-2') 9+1; Josh Grajczonek (1-1-2'-3) 7+1; Shamek Pawlicki (2'-2-2'-FX) 6+2; Vaclav Milik (2-1'-3-3) 9+1; Maciej Janowski (3-2'-3-3-3) 14+1; Kyle Newman (3-3-R-0-2') 8+1; Benji Compton (1-0-2) 3.
  • ROBINS: Peter Kildemand (2'-3-4^-2-1) 12+1; Dakota North (3-3-1-2-0) 9; Richie Worrall G (1-0-0-0) 1; Nick Morris (1-2-1'-1) 5+1; Troy Batchelor (R-0-1-0) 1; Nathan Greaves (0-0-X) 0; Steve Worrall (2-1-3-1'-0) 7+1.


mikeinwanborough 4:16pm Wed 6 Aug 14
I'd love to see us turn the Pirates over, but they looked very impressive at Wolverhampton on Monday, and I think the Robins will do well to score 35!
Score: 3
Bristols 4:19pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Hope we ride under protest at the rule bending by Poole now they have signed Benji Compton, even their own supporters are asking how they have got away with it!!!
Score: 4
deano... 7:16pm Wed 6 Aug 14
our line up on here is missing batch but saying that he always goes missing when were at poole
Score: 0
Di kanny oh 7:22pm Wed 6 Aug 14
One minute Compton was too high up the fast track list gets injured and somehow has moved down the list to 25th thus allowing Poole to sign him talk about corruption of the system and exploiting this fast track riders situation I believe teams should not be allowed to keep changing teams unless one member is injured, speedway is a farce and complete joke at present and needs a complete overhaul.
Score: 1
wickite 8:36pm Wed 6 Aug 14
The only thing Batch looks like winning is the toss - why oh why didnt we retain Hans?
Score: 2
wickite 9:02pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Same old same old from Poole - would speedway in general be a better place without a bunch of cheats in it? (notice I didnt mention who the cheats were!!!)
Score: 1
Bristols 9:04pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Surely we could have got a better guest then Ritchie, bad mistake there.
Score: 0
archeroo 9:18pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Re your comment of there wasn't much choice as guest. That may be true but Richie Worrall has been shocking the last month so it was terrible booking... Again. We are terrible at booking guests.. Fact
Score: 1
mikeinwanborough 10:00pm Wed 6 Aug 14
mikeinwanborough wrote: I'd love to see us turn the Pirates over, but they looked very impressive at Wolverhampton on Monday, and I think the Robins will do well to score 35!
Didn't we do well - 35 points!
Score: 3
lawnmower man 9:41pm Wed 6 Aug 14
1 Point from batch wot a joke hes suspose to be a heat leader wish we kept hans or bought doyley in
Score: 0
AndyT5393 9:41pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Forget about Morris being worried about not beating the Fast Track Reserves, what about Batch being out scored by Benji Compton tonight - disgrace !
Score: 0
wickite 9:53pm Wed 6 Aug 14
6 from batch and we would still be in this - captain - what a joke he is - let me guess his reaction "one of those nights?" - yes just like for Australia and at cardiff etc etc etc etc zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Score: 1
archeroo 9:56pm Wed 6 Aug 14
To think we swapped Magic for Doyle who we've never used since. Great bit of business by the club that.
Score: 1
payner 10:10pm Wed 6 Aug 14
Fed up with some of our riders, seem to ride for themselves and not the team, not going to bother giving them my money tomorrow - after three weeks lost the urge to go anyway!
Score: 0
deano... 10:35pm Wed 6 Aug 14
i was right about batch he never turns up at poole
Score: 0
morris 1 6:59am Thu 7 Aug 14
No good crying over spilt milk - we knew we were going to get beaten. Rosco you have commented on the radio this morning saying you were not happy with some of the boys performance, we as supporters have been telling you this for months. Let's face facts, if we actually get in the play offs , it will be a miracle. I thought I read somewhere that Morris had new machinery and a new mechanic, or was I dreaming - they certainly have not turned up to the matches. Let's hope we can have a good match tonight with some positive vibes. Seeing as there are not many matches left this season, Rosco I suggest you start trying to build a new team for next year as we certainly do not want at least half or more of the riders returning next season
Score: 0
Bristols 2:23pm Thu 7 Aug 14
Batch was ill last night, so we have to allow for that, must admit the last thing I would want to do in his condition is race a speedway bike, just hope he feels better for tonight.
Score: 0

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