ROBINS top two Peter Kildemand and Troy Batchelor will head to Gorican for the next round of GP qualifying on June 21.

The duo will compete against series regulars Martin Smolinski and Matej Zagar in Croatia, as well as former Swindon skipper Hans Andersen and Brits Craig Cook and Danny King.

The top eight riders from both events will progress, provided Nicolas Covatti finishes in a qualifying position at Gorican.

If he falls short, only seven will go through from one meeting as the Italian federation would then be eligible to nominate a wild card to guarantee them one home representative in the GP Challenge.

The Gorican meeting falls on the day the Robins are due to travel to Leicester, meaning guests will be required.

GORICAN LINE-UP: 1. Hans Andersen, 2. Craig Cook, 3. Linus Sundstrom, 4. Daniel King, 5. Jurica Pavlic, 6. Maciej Janowski, 7. Mikkel Michelsen, 8. Troy Batchelor, 9. Nicolas Covatti, 10. Tomas H. Jonasson, 11. Peter Kildemand, 12. Josef Franc, 13. Ricky Wells, 14. Janusz Kolodziej, 15. Martin Smolinski, 16. Matej Zagar, R1. Tomas Suchanek, R2. Matic Voldrih.

CZESTOCHOWA LINE-UP: 1. Patryk Dudek, 2. Chris Harris, 3. Jason Doyle, 4. Kenneth Bjerre, 5. Peter Ljung, 6. Przemyslaw Pawlicki, 7. Artem Laguta, 8. Mads Korneliussen, 9. David Bellego, 10. Vaclav Milik, 11. Adrian Miedzinski, 12. Cameron Woodward, 13. Nicolai Klindt, 14. Oliver Berntzon, 15. Lewis Bridger, 16. Piotr Pawlicki, R1. Kim Nilsson, R2. Mathias Schultz.