Devizes School has applied for planning permission to install 200 solar panels on the roofs of two teaching blocks.

The project would be installed by Kennet Community Energy Limited (KCEL), a not-for-profit community organisation, which exists to promote and develop sustainable energy in the local area.

KCEL will pay for the installation of the solar panels, on Blocks C and D, and director Peter Moorcroft said the panels would generate about 44MW of electricity, all of which would be used by the school.

In the planning application, Mr Moorcroft said: “This will provide a considerable saving in both expenditure and carbon dioxide emissions. The panels will be mounted on suitably ballasted console mouldings to provide the correct angle to the sun.

"The ballasting recommended by the console manufacturers is intended to prevent movement due to wind forces.

“The school authorities have confirmed that the roof structure will support the necessary loading.

"All panels will be mounted at least one metre in from the roof edge. Blocks C and D have recently undergone major refurbishment with an atrium pyramid roof being added to Block C.

"We do not think that the solar pv panels will be seen from ground level due to the height perspective of the buildings.”

In May last year, KCEL installed 200 solar panels on the roof of Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre.